Restaurant mobile app – do I really need it?

I don’t need my restaurant mobile app, I already have a website.

My business is small (Mcdonald’s was also small at some point) , so mobile app won’t help me.

I don’t have money and time to have my restaurant mobile app.

Having these thoughts? Sorry, but you are wrong.

You are missing a great opportunity to attract smartphone users. You are lacking a modern business necessity, as well.

Mobile app for restaurant is a great way to reach your potential customers and enhance the experience of your existing customer base. In this way, it can lead your business to profit and help you stay on the top in the competition.

I am pretty sure that you are reading this on your mobile phone. I am also pretty sure that all of you friends, family members and colleagues are using their smartphone. And multiple times a day.

Not convinced yet? Here are some benefits and examples of a mobile app!

Customers can reach you easily

By having your restaurant’s mobile app in their smartphone, your clients can reach you with one simple tap. This is very useful nowadays, when browsing through multiple website pages can scare your potential customer away. All your information, special offers and products or services can be found in a matter of seconds.

By having a mobile app you increase your brand awareness

Mobile app has your restaurant’s logo and your name on it. Since smartphone users look at their phones’ screens multiple times a day, your brand will be seen every time. A mobile app being the face of your business is always with the customers through their smartphones. And it becomes an obvious option when in need.

Treat your loyal customers and increase their engagement

Building customer loyalty is a critical and tricky aspect of marketing a business. Restaurant apps help smoothen this road by developing a connection between the customer and the brand through constant reminders and notifications. These reminders create awareness about the products and services that are offered and encourage the customers to make the purchase.

The Starbucks Rewards program is a prime example of how to get customers to utilize a mobile app. Simply put, the more you spend at Starbucks, the more rewards points (or “stars”) you earn.

The rewards program gives a number of benefits for app users. In addition to earning two stars for every dollar spent, rewards members get other benefits like free in-store refills, special member offers/events, and the ability to pay by phone and order ahead.

You can send push notifications through your restaurant’s mobile app

Getting users to engage and re-engage with mobile apps is a challenge. One tactic to reach users who are online is push notifications.

Push notifications are a fast and efficient way to communicate with your audience. Push notifications can help you to attract more customers at certain touchpoints. They can help you send real-time updates and reminders that get your audience to regularly engage with your brand even if they’re not aware of it. Based on a survey by Localytics, users in 2017 were willing to receive more push notifications than users in 2015 before disabling them. That means marketers have a better opportunity to communicate with customers through mobile push notifications today.

Final thoughts

With more mobile phones than people on the Earth, just imagine how considerably the number of mobile apps exceeds the number of mobile phones in human hands. How many apps you have on your mobile device right now: here is a mobile app for this or that situation, satisfying different needs for multi million users. Modern business can not afford the luxury of underestimating the mobile strategy. For the restaurant, mobile apps can keep your customers connected to your brand, help your business stay organized, and what is more important, help your restaurant become more recognizable.

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