How can you benefit from a mobile app?

Almost three billion people are expected to use smartphones worldwide till 2020. This Statista estimate is sufficient to get an idea about the importance of mobile apps. To capitalize on the ever-increasing number of smartphone users, businesses across various sectors jump on the mobile app bandwagon and hotel or hospitality sector is no exception. Restaurant apps like Zomato, Foursquare, Swiggy, and Yelp have set new milestones of popularity and revenue. For example, a mobile app is responsible for 16 percent of total transactions of Starbucks.

We have got some noteworthy business benefits of a restaurant mobile app development. What’s more, we are giving real-life use cases to let you do the easy math on the potential revenue and customers you can earn through restaurant apps:

Location and localization

The iBeacon technology assists the brick-and-mortar businesses to attract customers who walked within a specific radius of their premises. For example, if your customers are in the 50-meter radius of your restaurant, you can readily send them push notifications to your app users and inform them about discount offers, food specialities, and the like. In a way, you can eliminate or hasten the decision-making process of the users if they are hungry.

Loyalty Programs

During Black Friday and other festivals, you can run a campaign to earn double loyalty points through a mobile app. Loyalty program is one of the most effective and cost-efficient marketing strategy that can give up to 780 percent RoI (Return of Investment) on the money and time invested. What’s more, mobile-based loyalty programs can give your users a personalized touch and they can willingly participate in such program. You can also opt for a referral program to attract more people through a mobile app.

More Reviews

Reviews matter a lot in the online world. If you want to build and improve the reputation of your restaurant business, you need to ask your customers to leave a review. Your mobile app can do this job for you. You can also send push notification to the customers for reminding them about leaving reviews on Yelp or other related websites.

Increased RoI

Most of people have a plan to dine out during the weekend. You can send a push notification to your customers regarding special weekend offer through an app. You can highlight your specialties or discounts in a notification with ease. You can also send personalized notifications about ‘Happy Hour Meal’ and coupons. All these activities contribute in increasing RoI and boosting your business.

Show Digital Menu

How about showing a neat and elegant menu on the mobile screen to your customers? Yes, an easy-to-access digital menu in the app is way more impressive than a mobile-responsive web version. According to the official survey, 62 percent of customers are less likely to visit your restaurant if they cannot see the menu easily on the mobile device.

One-touch Dialing

You know that it is always frustrating to find the contact information in Google, jot it down, and call the firm to get answer to your query. The mobile app brings solution of this trouble in the form of click to call feature. Your customers can easily contact your restaurant with this tab if they have any questions regarding the menu, location, reservation timing and confirmation, etc.

Increase in Referrals

There is no exaggeration in mentioning that a mobile app with user-friendly interface and flawless performance can act as the most powerful marketing tool. You can run a marketing campaign for your restaurant business to increase referrals. If customers participate in your reward program willingly then you can ask them to recommend your restaurants to their friends in lieu of more reward points.

Images Speak Louder than Words

An unofficial survey has revealed that the impact of enticing images is more on the mobile devices than that of on the laptop. Images of delicacies can prompt desire of your customers and they are more likely to give you an order.

In a nutshell, if you want to increase sales through spreading awareness of your business online and target a huge smartphone-using audience in the nearby area, the mobile app for your restaurant always remains handy.

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