Is Instagram good for you?

We all know the power of Instagram. Huge companies like Coca Cola, Starbucks and Nike dominate the space. Companies with established followings seems to have no problems getting engagement and results.

Here are some numbers for you:

1 billion people use Instagram
Of the social networks, only Facebook and YouTube have more people logging in. With 500 million of them using Instagram—every day.

Users ‘like’ 4.2 billion posts per day
…making Instagram the happiest place on the internet. And that was in 2016 when there were only 500 million Instagrammers. Is your brand feeling lonely? Get on the ‘like’ band-wagon to make new business friends.

25 million business profiles
And over 200 million users visiting at least one business profile every day. From clothing to concerts, lingerie to linguine. Including fashion brands, 96 percent of them are on Instagram.

Instagram is the app tons of businesses love and want to be playing on, but shouldn’t. I know, that was harsh. But sometimes tough love is the only way to get a point across. So why is Instagram bad for your business? Well, it’s not bad for all businesses, but for most businesses it doesn’t make sense.

Since Instagram is a visual tool, you need to have appealing content to share. It works for creative businesses with a focus on fashion, food and architecture. If you’re a heating and air conditioning company or an automotive parts store, you’re going to end up wasting your time on Instagram. I know what you’re thinking, “But there are people out there who are interested in our products and services. We should be on Instagram!” No, you shouldn’t. You’re right, you do have an audience, but they are not on Instagram.

I hate to break it to you, but Instagram isn’t for every business. But that’s ok. If you can’t play on this social media site well, don’t worry about not playing on it at all. Luckily, you can have your own medium to share your content – your own mobile app.

Your own mobile app will be used by only your customers. Those, who are interested in your content and offers. Therefore, you can put all your energy there.

By having an app of your business you can directly communicate with your customers and be much closer to them. Also, they will see all your content, since you won’t have to concur with other businesses on social networks like Instagram or Facebook.

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