Make your mobile app a success

So you’ve decided to build an app for your restaurant.

We probably don’t have to remind you that developing an app isn’t easy (trust us, we know). Even if you have someone to build it for you, and the money isn’t the problem, your restaurant app will be pointless without its users. You probably know, how easy it is to fill your phone storage. The same goes for your customers – every app should be useful for them.

Solve a customer problem

If your app won’t solve any problem or offer anything special for your customers to be useful, it is destined to fail. Try to find some pain points, something your customers would love and implement it in your app.

Your app should extend your restaurant

Users should expect similar experience in your mobile app as they do in-store. Your app must strengthen your relationship with customer and allowing them to interact with you easily.

Your app should reward users

No matter what kind of app you have, you should motivate people to download it as it will help you to see what people expect from it and what they are loving the most.

Starbucks reports that 21% of its revenue comes from mobile payments. Users can order ahead and send orders directly to the barista station, reducing wait times. The real magic of the app, however, is its close ties with “My Starbucks Rewards” loyalty program, which holds a reported $1.2 billion in customer funds for the coffee empire.

By solving a problem and offering useful benefits, your app will gain users in no time.

No matter how deeply technology permeates our physical world, restaurants will always have a human element to them. Your app should enhance that personal experience and solidify a deeper relationship with your guests.

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