Mistakes you should avoid on social media

Small businesses can use social media to boost sales and gain attention from potential customers. Unfortunately, a lot of small businesses make mistakes when trying to harness the power of social media. Some of those are rookie mistakes that are easy to avoid, if you just are conscious of them and work to handle them differently.

Trying to Do Too Much

It takes a lot of time to master social media. And not all businesses have this resource. Usually it is best to focus on doing just a couple of things very good instead trying all social media channels and failing  to shuffle between all of them. Instead of doing a bad job on all platforms, put all your resources, time and energy into one, that seems the most beneficial for you. If you think you mastered in it after a while, you can try to branch out to other platforms.

Wasting Resources on Ineffective Social Media Campaigns

To master social media, you need to understand what works for you and what doesn’t. Measure the success of your strategies.

If you find that some posts or one platform don’t work for your customers, just stop wasting time on it. However, if you see that something, let’s say a video on Facebook attracts a bunch of attention to your website, you should spend more money and time doing videos.

Missed Branding Opportunities

Coherent branding can make a huge difference on social media for your company. Make sure to fill out every information field when setting up your profile. Don’t forget to use your chance to include logo, images/pictures, website links and descriptions.

This will help your customers to identify you. It also helps your customers to find you online. If you skip something, you might lose a sale. And that is one too many.

Speaking Without Listening

Social media isn’t a platform for one-way communication. It’s about discussion and engaging your fans. There are many businesses that seem to forget it.

That means you have to pay attention to your followers – their reviews and comments. You should thank everyone for their kind words and address negative feedback. By addressing everything with positivity and understanding, you can educate your fans and solve issues with unhappy customers.

By paying attention, you can learn from their suggestions, learn what they want and avoid the same mistakes over and over again.

Leaving Social Media Profiles Unattended or Inactive

This seems to be a common problem. Social media is a commitment that requires time every single day. If you lack time for it, then it would be best if you won’t try at all.

Surely, people expect you to have social media profiles, but it’s better not to have them than to ignore your fans. When seeing an inactive profile, people are likely to assume that you are out of business. Not finding you on social media platforms may surprise them for a short time, but it won’t keep them away forever.

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