How Mobile App Is Better Than Mobile Web?

Many people feel that you don’t need a mobile app, you just need a website that looks good on mobile devices. Others say that mobile apps have benefits that a website cannot provide. Who is right?

I believe every business should have a mobile website, so these pros/cons are really just for comparison to a mobile app.

Mobile Web Pros:

  • Inexpensive – usually included in the price of designing your website
  • Works on all devices – you don’t need a separate site for iOS/Android
  • Easy to setup – no submitting to app stores, you just need a domain and hosting

Mobile Web Cons:

  • No push notifications
  • No offline access
  • No app store presence
  • No free advertising/marketing tools

Well designed mobile site can take care of many of these problems, but it still can’t do things a mobile app can do.

Mobile App Pros:

  • Push notifications – send text messages to your subscribers to the main screen of their phone
  • Offline access – no internet connection needed to browse an app
  • Great performance – a well designed app can be faster than a website
  • Less cluttered – this depends on the website design, but apps tend to have less stuff
  • Get on the app stores – it’s another way to get in front of your customers, you also get a button on their homescreen

Mobile App Cons:

  • Extra expense – while some apps are affordable ($49/mo for example) it’s still another cost
  • Extra setup – you have to setup the app and submit to the app stores

Restaurant mobile apps can help your audience get to your content faster,\ and keep them engaged better. Sending push notifications is a huge advantage as you reach all your users.

We have fully entered the business age where mobile comes first. Simply put apps have several vital features and advantages that websites do not offer.

People not only eagerly download them, but their actions are also influenced by them. They are pampered with personalized content, custom features and tailored environment.

Mobile web is lagging behind and in the near future, it is poised to shrink even further. So, waste no time seizing the opportunity.


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