Make your mobile app a success

No matter how deeply technology permeates our physical world, restaurants will always have a human element to them. Your mobile app should enhance that personal experience and solidify a deeper relationship with your guests.

By solving a problem and offering useful benefits, your mobile app will get successful and will gain users in no time.

Online reviews – how to respond to them?

Online reviews often help people to decide which place to choose to fill their needs. In fact, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Also, it takes 12 positive reviews to outweigh one negative, so you must handle them well.

Push notification tips to rock it!

How hard it is to make it so bad and annoying to make people disable your push notifications? It is easier than you might think.

Mistakes you should avoid on social media

Small businesses can use social media to boost sales and gain attention from potential customers. Social media mistakes are easy to avoid, if you just are conscious of them and work to handle them differently.

Mobile app examples – learn from the best

Restaurant business owners might be of the opinion that mobile apps are only useful for a number of industries, but there are inspiring examples of innovative restaurant apps that will change their minds.

How can you benefit from a mobile app?

We have got some noteworthy business benefits of a restaurant mobile app development. What’s more, we are giving real-life use cases to let you do the easy math on the potential revenue and customers you can earn through restaurant apps

Benefits of content marketing

In today’s digital age, your audience builds your business.

That’s why content marketing is so important: it grabs the attention of your potential customers and builds interest in you as a business.

Busting some myths about mobile apps

With technology and mobile devices taking over, you can no longer have an opportunity to not have an app for your business. By believing in the right way and destroying myths, your business could flourish.

Apps are dying? We don’t think so.

The prominence of apps has further strengthened with 2018 marking a decade of the existence of the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, bearing testimony to the fact that mobile apps aren’t dying and they became an essential part of our lives.

Is Instagram good for you?

We all know the power of Instagram. Huge companies like Coca Cola, Starbucks and Nike dominate the space. Companies with established followings seems to have no problems getting engagement and results, but it isn’t for everyone.