Push notification tips to rock it!

Push notifications are little helpers, that assist you in everyday tasks: reminding of something or giving you some interesting news. But are all of them good? How hard it is to make it so bad and annoying to make people disable them? It is easier than you might think.

No worries. Here are some tips on how to avoid annoying your user and make your push notifications better in your restaurant mobile app.

That’s too many!

Seriously, think about your smartphone filled with a bunch of notifications. I am pretty sure that you won’t be happy after a few seconds (unless, of course, it’s about new likes on your social media post). Imagine a bell sound with each one of them. Doesn’t sound nice, huh?

This is why you should limit your push notifications. Preferably, no more per day and no more than five days a week.

Ring, ring, wake up!

Think about the best time of your 24 hours – sleep time. And now imagine someone banging plates close to you as you are dreaming about holidays. Doesn’t feel nice, when someone wakes you up?

Same goes for your app users. Do not send your push notifications at night, even if they seem very important and interesting.

What’s up, dude?

Would be strange, if someone you don’t even know addresses to you like this? Imagine if you send this type of push notification to your older audience. Always think about what you send and who will receive it. If you plan it, more views, clicks and purchases can come your way.

Be short and specific

You can squeeze only a little amount of information to your push notification. Sure, your users can expand and read everything, but how many times you did this? Oftenly, people just read the first lines and then decide whether to open or discard the notification

Flatter them

Everyone loves to get some love. Everyone loves to feel valued or receive compliments. And you can easily achieve it in a million of ways. A simple reminder about how pretty they look or how they deserved something can make a thousand people smile!

Create a challenge

Tell users something they won’t agree with or accept it as a challenge. Just please, don’t go too far – don’t tell them “I bet you won’t be able to buy this”. Challenge them by saying “Can you win our discount? Let’s find out”.


Empathy works in real life as well as in push notifications. Remind your users to drink some hot tea on a cold day, remind them to take the hat on a sunny day or just tell them a joke to make their day better.

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