Expand your reach.

Expand your business.

Boost business reach and grow your sales.

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Extend your reach

    • With BigReachApp you will be highly noticeable.
    • Your brand will be seen by your customers in their phones every day and your announcements will be read by more than 90% of them!
    • From now on you finally can reach all of your customers with no expenses!

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Customers bring more customers

  • Significantly increase the quantity of returning customers in one month!
  • Boost your sales with efficient BigReachApp loyalty program which motivates your customers to return much more often and invite their friends.

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Catch all of your customers who are in your vicinity

  • Get bigger traffic and bigger sales!
  • BigReachApp GPS notifications automatically will reach all of your customers who are close to you! Special “neighbor” offers will be valid just in a certain GPS coordinates and will make customers who are passing through come to you!

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Clients with business app:

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Increased sales


Decreased ad expenses


Increased retention

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