Third-party food delivery service disadvantages – do you really want it?

As a restaurant owner, you have to be careful about using third-party services to do business. The possibilities seem endless. A third-party food delivery service can make delivery faster, for both you and your customers. However, there are some disadvantages to using a third-party services.

The Cost of a Food Delivery App

Everyone has to make money. Especially a food delivery service. The cost of using services like UberEATS will change how you price your meals. In the end, your customers end up paying more. You have to take this fact into consideration when using a food delivery app to do business. How will your customers react to a price surge?

Control and Accountability

Once your customer’s food is in the hands of the Uber driver, there is nothing left for you to do – and that’s a bad thing. You have no control over the driver or how the food is delivered. If, for any reason, your customer’s food ends up late or mishandled, your restaurant is held accountable. You might have faith in UberEATS or any other third-party food delivery service to transport your food safely. However, accidents happen, and there is nothing you can do to fix them.

Monitoring Your Third Party Service

With your reputation on the line, you want to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. You have to monitor how long it takes their drivers to deliver your food, and if it is being handled with care. If they are not doing their job right, the customer’s grievance can fall on you.

You should work with the third-party food delivery service to ensure everything is done efficiently. Unfortunately, this is a problem. It is a lot of work to keep tabs on how well this service is performing. After all, you have a restaurant to run and micromanaging your third-party service can take you away from that.

Losing Valuable Real Estate on Google

Relying on a third party service (like these online food delivery do) to advertise your business can actually take the spotlight off your own website, and push clients towards ordering food from these online delivery portals. Instead of having them ordering directly from your own website and keeping the profits to yourself.

That happens because all of the food portals are heavily investing in aggressive AdWords campaigns.

And every time someone sees their ad being the first thing that pops up on the results page, your clients instinctively click on it. But, this comes with a price. Each time someone places an order through these portals, these portals steal your order and even get a nice cut of the order’s value.
You see, food portals like GrubHub can detain quite a big chunk of the total order value to themselves.

But if people were to order from you, you would actually get to keep the value of the entire order to yourself.

Fierce Competition Between Restaurants

All of these online food ordering portals actually promote a fierce competition among the restaurants listed on there.

The tricky bit is that unless you have your own online ordering system and you sort of have to send your client on any of the aggregator online food portals to order food from you, then you run the risk of losing that customer.

Having him slip through your fingers. Because after logging in on the app or website, consumers can quickly compare your menu with that from other restaurant. Since these online food portals show them a list of your competitors.

And if the prices are lower, or they have something else in the menu which you don’t… then it’s a 100% chance that you’ll be losing that customer order.

So what can you do, in this case?
The reason why most people choose to order food directly on these food portals is because of the oversimplified online ordering process.

So the answer is pretty simple: You could have your own restaurant mobile app, so you could enable your customers to order food directly from you.

Without logging in onto any of these aggregator websites.

There are a great deal of online ordering systems out there. Some pricey and some quite cheap.

The fact of the matter is that each time you decide to list your website on any of these online food portals, you’re giving them a lot of control over your business. And that can be a dangerous thing.

So beware who you’re giving your business to.

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